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Bar Code (Thailand) Co.,Ltd (BTCL) 

At Bar Code (Thailand) Co.,Ltd (BTCL) We develop, deliver, manage and support RFID based commercial and industrial systems using mobile and fixed RFID readers, and act as a supplier of catalogue and customised RFID hardware devices. Meeting The Needs of Users We work with a wide range of private and public sector enterprises.

All the solutions we provide share one characteristic; they are carefully adapted to the needs of the workplace where they are put to use an our owned software module WMSOneTM Module to manage all Through the work we have done with users, we have come to understand the unique requirements of different RFID applications. You will find evidence for that in our many case studies and in the descriptions of how we help put RFID to work. Our mix of understanding and expertise makes us the ideal partner for succeeding in RFID projects and for barcode devices you can hook up from

  • Manufacturing


    Manufacturing. Industrial environments – like manufacturing plants, mines, refineries, power generation plants and warehouses – can be chaotic places. Assets come and Read More
  • Warehouse


    Warehouse The implementation of RFID technology has improved operational efficiency and productivity in distribution centers and warehouses around the world. Read More
  • RFID Logistic

    RFID Logistic

    Supply Chain & Asset Management RFID in supply chain management has the capacity to significantly improve global logistic chains and Read More
  • Returnable Inventory

    Returnable Inventory

    Returnable Inventory. Returnable transit items (RTI) are used to carry goods within the supply chain or within the manufacturing process. Read More
  • Work in Process Monitoring

    Work in Process Monitoring

    Work in Process Monitoring Production floors have become complex and error-prone environments. With complex assembly processes, intricate logistics and countless Read More
  • RFID Retails

    RFID Retails

    Enabling Next Generation Retail by Making Every Merchandise Smart The retail industry is going through transformative changes. A growing number Read More
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